Certified Cannabis Brands Started By Musicians


Since cannabis became legal in several states across the US, the demand for marijuana has risen to the highest numbers so far. While some states still heavily penalize the possession of marijuana, entrepreneurs move to the states that give them right to create cannabis brands and earn money legally. Before the legalization, many people said that legalization of cannabis would not have a great impact on the society in any sense. However, the effect is opposite. Especially when musicians decide to take a step further and create their cannabis brands.

Meth&Red – BlazeNow app

Method Man and Redman are famous for their debut movie How High which became a stoner’s classic. These two pot smokers, as they like to call themselves, decides to help people who need medical marijuana to treat their conditions but don’t know where to find weed. BlazeNow is a GPS platform that connects dispensaries with patients who have legal cards to use medical cannabis. In this way, no patient will be left without medical cannabis. Of course, it relates only to the US states that legalized marijuana for recreational and medicinal use. Very innovative by these tow potheads, don’t you think?

Snoop Dogg’s Leafs

As a connoisseur and highly-respectable cannabis user, Snoop Dogg came to an idea to start his Colorado-based venture called Leafs, to provide people of Colorado with the best strains of cannabis. His venture offers eight strains, which are available in several forms: wax, buds, shatter and edibles. He said that the inspiration for starting this venture was the peace and calmness which come with the weed. “Everywhere I go on a tour; I see that people enjoy in quality weed and as a result of that comes peace. Why not give people the best stuff to create more peace?” Simple as that.

Melissa Etheridge

Melissa is a great female rock icon, Grammy-winning singer, and great LGBT activist. As fan and supporter of cannabis culture, she decided to take her business to the whole new level. She decided to make cannabis-wine tinctures since cannabis and wine are as old as the human’s civilization is. The most interesting thing about the whole concept is that her recipe is not secret at all. Namely, she decided to reveal the recipe.

B-Real – The Phuncky Feel Tips For Doobies

B real, as the leader of the Latin hip-hop group Cypress Hill, decided to expand his Doctor’s GreenThumb diapason regarding rolling papers, tips, bongs and so on. His famous Doctor GreenThumb show, besides reports on various cannabis strains, introduced the Phuncky Feel Tips, made of glass that can be reused after smoking. The whole concept is based on their song, The Phuncky Feel One.

Why do musicians smoke weed in the process of creating their music?

why smoke

Creating music is very delicate and hard process, no matter how much looks like a piece of cake. Some artists prefer to be sober while making their music, while some like to choose booze, coke, weed or something else. Since our site is all about marijuana in the music industry, we will talk about the role of weed in the whole process of creating a track.

Miley Cyrus – Weed enables me to see details


Miley does not hide her love for sticky-icky buds: many posts on her Instagram are related to smoking cannabis. “It is not about the high feeling you get after smoking; it’s about the focus you get to notice even the slightest details you wouldn’t notice another way. When I write songs, I usually smoke some before the start. Then I write the complete lyrics, and after that, I try to find synonyms to get much better melody when singing.”

Lady Gaga – It takes me back to the time when I was 17

Lady Gaga is among the best artists at the moment due to her highly creative lyrics, supported by innovative videos. When she was asked about her inspiration, she mentioned that she would blame cannabis for her creative part. ” It takes me back to the time when I was young – when I didn’t think about a single thing. I guess it (cannabis) is connected to some parts of the brain you cannot access while you are not high. Believe me or not, I wrote Alejandro song while I was super high, on some Girl Scout Cookies! The concept of the whole song just came to me like that. If I were not smoking, I would not have been Lady Gaga.”

Chris Brown – My voice is smooth when I toke

A famous singer admitted that he consumes the green stuff very often. Although many people would not say so due to his gentle voice and romantic lyrics, his vocal chords are pretty much “under treatment”. “I like to smoke when I’m free and don’t have to do anything. However, if I need to make my voice sound mellow, I usually smoke a blunt or take a few hits from the bong. It just gives me that vibration that I cannot get otherwise. My friends always laugh at me because of that.”

3 Musicians who have launched their cannabis brands

cannabis brands

Cannabis culture is something that you either understand completely or not at all. Some people, usually those who don’t support marijuana in any sense, would say that starting an own cannabis brand is nonsense. Sure – they have their freedom of speech, and there is nothing wrong with that. But those who do support marijuana will love the next few lines.

Top notch Willie’s reserves


One of the most influential country singers is also a big-time marijuana supporter and smoker. It is well known he has been in jail several times for the possession of weed, but he managed to stay positive and look at it from the bright side. “Willie’s reserves” is his brand of cannabis, aimed to be sold only in the US states that can legally sell weed in dispensaries. Those who are fans of Nelson’s work will be more than glad to go and buy his strain, but also those who are not fans of his work will go for his strain since it is a top notch product in the sea of many different cannabis strains.

Snoop’s Merry Jane social media platform

Snoop Dogg is one of the biggest smokers out there so starting his cannabis brand is somehow appropriate for him. He started Merry Jane, a social media platform where he is the host who talks about different aspects of cannabis culture. From judging different strains of cannabis to rolling papers – it is like an encyclopedia for stoners. He often hosts musicians, actors, and people who support cannabis. Besides, he has his brand of rolling papers, blunts, vaporizers and so on.

Khalifa-Kush & Cookies CO

Wiz Khalifa started Cookies CO dispensary in San Francisco area, and as a result, he created Khalifa Kush strain. It is a strong hybrid, made by crossing OG Kush and Leamon Haze. As a result, he created a strong indica, with couch-lock effects which are masked by Haze’s head high at the beginning of chiefing session. Another thing he introduced were cannabis cookies – Girl Scout Cookies. These cookies are perfect for those who don’t like smoke but do like the effects of marijuana. Be careful; they are for hardcore cannabis users.

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