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Why do musicians smoke weed in the process of creating their music?

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Creating music is very delicate and hard process, no matter how much looks like a piece of cake. Some artists prefer to be sober while making their music, while some like to choose booze, coke, weed or something else. Since our site is all about marijuana in the music industry, we will talk about the role of weed in the whole process of creating a track.

Miley Cyrus – Weed enables me to see details


Miley does not hide her love for sticky-icky buds: many posts on her Instagram are related to smoking cannabis. “It is not about the high feeling you get after smoking; it’s about the focus you get to notice even the slightest details you wouldn’t notice another way. When I write songs, I usually smoke some before the start. Then I write the complete lyrics, and after that, I try to find synonyms to get much better melody when singing.”

Lady Gaga – It takes me back to the time when I was 17

Lady Gaga is among the best artists at the moment due to her highly creative lyrics, supported by innovative videos. When she was asked about her inspiration, she mentioned that she would blame cannabis for her creative part. ” It takes me back to the time when I was young – when I didn’t think about a single thing. I guess it (cannabis) is connected to some parts of the brain you cannot access while you are not high. Believe me or not, I wrote Alejandro song while I was super high, on some Girl Scout Cookies! The concept of the whole song just came to me like that. If I were not smoking, I would not have been Lady Gaga.”

Chris Brown – My voice is smooth when I toke

A famous singer admitted that he consumes the green stuff very often. Although many people would not say so due to his gentle voice and romantic lyrics, his vocal chords are pretty much “under treatment”. “I like to smoke when I’m free and don’t have to do anything. However, if I need to make my voice sound mellow, I usually smoke a blunt or take a few hits from the bong. It just gives me that vibration that I cannot get otherwise. My friends always laugh at me because of that.”

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