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Chiefing and listening to some good music!

Hello chiefers and welcome to onsarecords.com where we talk about cannabis and its huge impact on the music industry. The music industry has always been influenced by musicians led by different ideals and opinions, which enabled the music industry to have specific groups of people who advocate and share the same opinions. Stop by your local marijuana shop and come smoke with us!

When it comes to using of cannabis by musicians, it is obvious that in the past 10 years cannabis became almost an inevitable part of the music, especially when we speak about alternative music. Stick around and find out more about cannabis in the music industry!

Top 3 heavy chiefers in the music industry at the moment


Do we have to say anything about the great Snoop Lion? Started in California in the early 90's, he made his name through many collaborations and solo albums. In the end, he went to Jamaica, accepted Rastafari religion and became Snoop Lion. According to some sources, he smokes no less than 15 grams of high-quality buds per day.


Wiz is one of the best rappers from new generations who, with the help of Snoop Lion, emerged at the hip hop scene and made a huge impact. His lyrics is completely in the sphere of hardcore hip-hop, but the lyrics are wrapped into a commercial shell that gives him the power to reach even people who don't smoke cannabis at all.


The beautiful girl from Barbados came to the scene with one of the best hits of MTV of all time - Pon De Replay. Even though in the beginning she did not openly admitted or promoted cannabis culture, in the few recent years she received a status of a smoker. She often relates to cannabis through her songs - sometimes directly, and sometimes indirectly.

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